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When life gives you lemons...salt them! (Salted Lemons)

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The ultimate flavour enhancer which is especially good in Middle Eastern and North African food. I never make hummus without them!


Lemons (number depends on the size of the jar)


1) Cut the lemons into quarters.

2) Pack and stuff the jar with layers of salt and lemons until full.

3) Push the lemons into the jar so that they release enough juice to completely cover all the lemons adding a little more salt to top off the jar.

4) If the lemons are not very juicy, add more lemon juice at the end.

5) Store in the fridge.

6) Now we play the waiting game! 20-30 days should be enough.

When you come to use the lemons, make sure you take off the flesh and only use the peel. Depending on your salt preference you can use them washed or unwashed but generally speaking washed is better.


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